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mercoledì 7 aprile 2010

Easter Monday at Maximum Festival

Spent an easy afternoon somewhere near Treviso for the Maximum Festival.
Almost all the bands that were goin' on had some desert sound taste....and one of the desert heroes, mr. Brant Bjork (please chek out the interview some post ago) was stickin' around having good time.
No star attitude, real cool and very kind he was sharing his time and smiles with everyone: he rules!!!
Then came time for him and his bros to play and, man, they rocked out!
Check his music out and you will surely say yeah!
Thanx to be so true mr Bjork! Come back in Italy soon!

3 commenti:

vale ha detto...

Brant Bjork e le sue facce. Idolo.

circus leo ha detto...

brant fuckin rules!! i love his music

christiano ha detto...

he's a true ruler! and the music is to the point!

hey julian...thanx for being a follower...makes me happy